Telebrook Optronics - Laser technology, Fiber Optics, Optoelectronics
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Wroclaw Technology Park
Dunska 9
DELTA Building, 4th floor
54-427 Wroclaw, POLAND

Tel. +48 71 735 19 77
Tel. +48 71 735 19 27

VAT ID: 8971788420
KRS: 0000454497
REGON: 022098973

We are an international liaison providing commercialization services and direct sales extension to businesses in area of fiber optics, lasers and application specific solutions. We specialize in commercialization of fledgling technologies and products to world markets. Additionally, our offer includes post-sales support in form of commissioning or servicing of equipment.

HQ of Telebrook Optronics is conveniently located in a central part of a European community in Wroclaw, Poland. We provide benefits of fully skilled manpower resources without fixed overhead cost of product commercialization. We have extensive experience and skills to successfully complete steps of sales programs and management of services. Our vast network of business connections gives us access to a large group of potential opportunities in fiber optics, laser servicing and vast web of application.